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Home for Christmas!

We were so blessed to be home for Christmas this year! First we were with my family in Alabama where we enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL White Christmas…. Rusty & Ericka, Jaron, Dad, & Mom(*my other brother Brent and his fiance Melissa…

The Sound of Hope :: IRS APPROVED!!!

If you didn’t catch the title of this blog, we have GREAT news! The Sound of Hope is now IRS APPROVED!!! Which means, you can now give tax-deductible gifts to The Sound of Hope! var r_protocol=((“https:”==document.location.protocol)?”https://”:”http://”);var r_path=’’;var r_identifier=’The-Sound-Of-Hope’;document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript id=’razoo_widget_loader_script’ src=’”+r_protocol+r_path+”‘…