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So sorry for my lack of blogging lately! We are just super busy and dealing with these health issues too. But I promise I will get better soon!

I just wanted to give you an update on our health because so many of you have been so kind to check in on us and to pray for us lately!

Rusty’s Update: On Tuesday night Rusty had a mole removed from his back and another spot biopsied on his face. It was a minor surgery (in office) but he has stitches that we are taking care of right now. We’ll go back to the doctor on Tuesday night (14th) to have the stitches removed and we should find out then whether or not either place is cancerous. If they ARE, then he will have to have several other places removed and if the place on his face is melanoma we will find out how serious it is and learn what steps need to be taken. BUT we are believing the best – that there will be NO skin cancer and that the report will be a positive one!

Ericka’s Update: Well, there’s good news and bad news. The GOOD news is, the medicine they gave me a couple of weeks ago worked! I was symptom free for an entire week – so that means we were right about me having parasites! The BAD news is, all my symptoms came back after 1 week. So, right now I am on Round 2 of antibiotics. We are praying they work and completely rid me of all my issues. If the don’t work, the doctor here wants to send me to an Infectious Disease Specialist. We don’t have time or money for more tests or treatment with the holidays approaching AND our trip to Thailand coming soon! So PLEASE pray this treatment works!

And while you’re praying… could you add my back to the list? Somehow I managed to fall down the basement stairs two nights ago and I am pretty beat up. I know, I know…. my middle name should be GRACE right? (haha) I fell/slid down 3/4 of the stairs – it was painful to say the least! I am SO thankful I didn’t break anything – I know it could’ve been so much worse! But it hurts to get up and down, bend over, lay down, drive and ride in the car… pretty much any use of my lower back is painful. I am hoping everything is healed before I have to ride the 34+ hours home and back for the holidays!

So – that’s our latest! We will share more (fun) info later but I just wanted to update you all on our health. Thanks SO much for caring and for praying! We love you all!

3 responses to “Health Update”

  1. Oh wow, you two- being attacked on all sides! Praying for both of you to be fully healthy! We love you guys.

  2. I hope you get better soon!!! I’m praying for a diagnosis for you and a clean one for Rusty! Love you much!!!!