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Well friends, here’s our final “Health Update” for a while! I’ll start with the GOOD news…

RUSTY does NOT have skin cancer!!! PRAISE THE LORD! To be honest I’ve had a lot of peace about the situation, but we were still surprised (and relieved!) when we got this good news! The doctor really thought the spot on his face looked like melanoma, so we have been anxious. We FINALLY got the phone call on Friday and the nurse informed us that both spots were benign! He is CANCER FREE – no more surgeries required! THANK YOU all SO much for praying – it meant so much to us!

And now on to the BAD news…. my meds did NOT work. I finished round 2 of my antibiotics but my symptoms came back the day after I was done. I knew if that happened the doctor would want to refer me to an Infectious Disease Specialist, but I just didn’t want to spend the last 5 weeks of my time before leaving for Thailand getting poked and prodded and tested and taking a bunch of medicine. (especially since for 2 of those weeks we’re supposed to be home for Christmas!)

So, since the first 2 doctors couldn’t diagnose me or treat me correctly, I’m trying a natural remedy for the next 30 days. I’m taking anywhere from 9 to 12 pills a day – which isn’t much fun – but I just can’t take anymore antibiotics that wipe out my immune system before our trip to Thailand!

So, if you don’t mind… please pray this treatment works! Or just pray that GOD HEALS ME! We are pretty much out of options and time… we need this to work so I don’t have to go to Thailand with parasites!

Thanks again for your prayers!
We are so grateful to have you supporting us and lifting up our needs!

2 responses to “Health Update :: Good & Bad News”

  1. Just remember… if you are facing attacks on every side, every time you turn around… that just means you are positioned in a place that is REALLY threatening evil. You are where you’re supposed to be and you’re doing what you’re supposed to do… and Satan is scared. Hence the attacks.

    And remember… opposition makes us spiritually stronger. God knows where you guys are heading and he knows how strong your muscles need to be to stand up there. So while we could just be angry that God hasn’t healed you yet… We could instead look at God as coaching you right now… training you how to have joy amidst pain, how to persevere when you’re body just can’t… all these things that you couldn’t have handled a year ago… you can now. Thanks to God’s Training Program.

    Still praying for healing… still knowing that it will come perfectly… but praising God with you for all that He’s growing in you right now. Love you.